Monday, November 9, 2009

Configure Tomcat 6 for JAX-WS

As a servlet container, Tomcat is not a full J2EE container hence requires some additional configuration in order to support JAX-WS. This article describes this configuration step-by-step:

  1. Download a copy of the JAX-WS library – Instructions here were tested this on version 2.1.5 (
  2. Copy the file JAXWS2.1.5-20081030.jar to an appropriate folder on your computer – say, /root/tools/ JAXWS2.1.5-20081030.jar
  3. Execute the jar: java –jar JAXWS2.1.5-20081030.jar
  4. This in effect unpacks the files contained in this jar. You should get a folder /root/tools/jaxws-ri containing the supporting libraries, docs, tools and samples. Let’s call this path $JAX-WS-HOME$.
  5. Copy the jar files in $JAX-WS-HOME$/lib/ to the Tomcat (let’s call the install path for this $CATALINA_HOME$) library$CATALINA_HOME$/lib and $CATALINA_HOME$/shared/lib path.
  6. Create an folder in the Tomcat installation directory called “endorsed”. The full path should be$CATALINA_HOME$/endorsed.
  7. Copy the files “jaxb-api.jar” and “jaxws-api.jar” from the “$JAX_WS_HOME$/lib” to the “$CATALINA_HOME$/endorsed/”folder.
  8. Edit the Tomcat configuration file “$CATALINA_HOME$/conf/” (You might want to take a backup before you edit it). There should be a property with the key “shared.loader”. Make sure the path $CATALINA_HOME$/shared/lib/*.jar is included in the comma separated list of paths in the value for this property. For example it could look like :shared.loader=/etc/tomcat/shared/lib/*.jar. That’s the main set of configuration that needs to be done.
  9. Before running tomcat, ensure the following property is to be set on the script used to start tomcat:
  10. This ensures the two jars we copied into the endorsed folder are picked up.
  11. Start tomcat.
UPDATE: This post makes assumptions about your source and web-archive being correctly set up. When I was doing this, I was working in a Contract-First approach and I wrote a quick guide to that here. This covers how your web.xml and sun-jaxws.xml file should be done. When I get sometime I'll upload a redacted version of my code as it has some work stuff. Good luck!


mivaas19 said...

what is the start script for running tomcat?

Trevor Kimenye said...

Its startup.bat ( for UNIX) in the bin directory

Tim said...

I know this is an old post, but do you know why TC keeps giving me a CCE on startup - [classname] cannot be cast to javax.servlet.Servlet? It's as if TC doesn't know this is a Webservice. I followed your instructions above and googled everywhere for answers but no avail.

Trevor Kimenye said...

Hi Tim,

Sorry about your woes with this. Have you checked out the following links:


Its been a while, but my post made some assumptions about the source (I was working on a WSDL first basis but it shouldn't matter which approach you are taking). I'll update it with as much as I can redact from my work.

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