Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Casein CMS on Heroku

When evaluating some Ruby on Rails CMSes I mentioned Casein (which I wouldn't really classify as a CMS). Its more of a plugin that provides admin authentication and pretty CRUDification of resources. I'm doing my development staging on Heroku and needed to ensure that it runs on Heroku. Here's a couple of Gotchas!

Gems on Heroku are installed using a .gems manifest file. 2 gems required: calendar_date_select (>=1.15) and will_paginate (>=2.3.11). Adding these two gems to the manifest will ensure they are installed when you push the application.

calendar_date_select --version '>=1.15'
will_paginate --version '>=2.3.11'

You'd be forgiven for thinking this would resolve the issue, however, there is another reference to the gems as part of the plugin that causes the application to fail. In /vendor/plugins/casein/init.rb comment out the two lines that configure the gem.

#config.gem "calendar_date_select", :version => '1.15'
#config.gem 'mislav-will_paginate', :version => '~> 2.3.11', :lib => 'will_paginate', :source => 'http://gems.github.com'

As part of the magic the Heroku fairy godmother provides (Building upon the AWS and S3 storage service), the clock strikes 12 when you attempt to write to the file system. Simple, Heroku slugs operate in a readonly context. The caching currently written in Casein, primarily for static resources like Stylesheets and Javascript, attempts to write to the file system. The first instance you will encounter this is on the authentication page. The layout file is in /vendor/plugins/casein/app/views/layouts/casein_auth.html.erb. Change the line:

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults, "/casein/javascripts/login.js", :cache => "casein_auth_javascripts" %>


<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults, "/casein/javascripts/login.js" %>

That should get you up and running. My next stumble was running the casein:init rake task but as I'm probably not sticking with the platform I may or may not investigate a solution for that.

UPDATE: Not sure what's wrong with the rake task, but the task is not doing much. See /vendor/plugins/casein/tasks/casein_tasks.rake to see what the task does. It runs the migration, removes all existing users and then creates the admin. If you've already run this locally, I'd suggest simply using heroku db:push to transfer your local data to Heroku. Sadly I'm not going ahead with Casein so this is it for me.

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