Saturday, May 15, 2010

Adjusting to the Agile way

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm rewriting one of my previous applications written in Python in Ruby on Rails. I've decided to spend sometime thinking and journalling the process - not just the technical hurdles of reimplementing in Ruby, but also the changes in project management methodology. I've fully embraced a scrum methodology for this project and I'm writing user stories on a notebook when I'm on the go and inputing them into Ice Scrum for traceability.

One of the challenges I find when I'm developing a new product is to treat myself as a client. I get so many brain waves and at times I'm not always disciplined enough to write them down. I just assume that since I originated the idea, it'll always be there. Sometimes its not necessarily a technical solution, it could be something that inspires the general vybe of the application (To be fair this also applies to when I'm using other methodologies). Having to condense this into a user story is a challenge.

Also, as the sole developer, there is a laziness involved in spending time writing something which your never sure will be read by anyone else. I feel like jumping straight into the actual deliverable. Note to self: Need to find out whether apps like twitter / facebook were built by their original developers using a strict development methodology. Do these methodologies apply at the edge of such innovation? I'd love to write the user stories for Twitter. I'm sure they could fit in 140 characters. Someone should write a tool using twitter for user stories.

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