Monday, May 10, 2010

Rewriting Chex Scheduler on Ruby on Rails

I was recently taking some speculative phone interviews a few weeks ago and I came across an international consulting company with a strong focus on Ruby on Rails and Agile practices. I remember remarking that I was not 'over-enthusiastic' about RoR (big mistake!). Anyway, I justified my reasons. I recently thought over my reasons for my dislike and decided to do my next major project using RoR. This happened to be my rewrite of Chex Scheduler - an online scheduling application written in Python and ExtJS running on the Google App Engine.

I'm also fully embracing the Agile way - using scrum in this instance - and I'll be cataloguing my experience. I'm pleased to have some tool support for project management in scrum in the form of Ice Scrum. Its great! The application will be deployed to Heroku and I'm hence using the git, version control system. I'm still undecided on what to use for Javascript, perhaps JQuery-UI. I think ExtJS was a bit heavy handed for what I wanted to achieve. So far, those are the design decisions I've made. I'll be updating the blog on how I'm proceeding.

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